Technical Assistance

SSVEC provides at no cost, technical assistance to our members with the latest information in regards to energy use, energy efficient HVAC, appliances, and the Touchstone Energy Home Program. SSVEC supports our local economic development efforts.

For assistance in these areas, contact the following individuals:

David Bane
Phone (520) 515-3472
email: David

Energy Manager for Commercial / Industrial & Agriculture Customers

David is the Key Account Manager at SSVEC and his duties include assisting all businesses within our service area with their energy concerns. David has over 30 years of experience in the utility business. David’s goal is to help you understand your energy costs, including gas if necessary, and to look for ways for you to get the most value for your energy dollar. Services include: lighting audits, rate comparisons, plan review, power quality, surge suppression, commercial loans, and business research. All these programs are designed to help you lower your energy costs. When was the last time one of your suppliers made an effort to help you, by asking you to buy less of his product?  David has an office in Sierra Vista, Benson, and Willcox and can meet with you as needed at any office and is just a phone call away at all times.


Tim Charley
Tim Charley
Office (520) 515-3473

Commercial, Residential, & Agriculture Energy Management Specialist

Tim is the Small Commercial, Residential & Agriculture Energy Management Specialist. Tim’s duties include helping members with energy concerns, heating and cooling recommendations, and computer simulations for the sizing of equipment. Tim has been with Sulphur Springs since 2007. Tim’s goal is to ensure members use as little energy as possible, promote energy efficiency and maintain member satisfaction. Tim maintains an office in Sierra Vista, Benson, and Willcox and can make an appointment to meet you when and where you need him and is a phone call away at all times.

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