Touchstone Energy Home Program

SSVEC has marketed the Good Cents energy building program in past years. The Good Cents program served its purpose well, and is still recognized as a symbol of energy efficiency and comfort. Consumer and regulatory authorities knowledge of energy efficient standards and construction practices has driven Good Cents to serve as a model from which most homes are constructed.

When a concept becomes a common or standard practice the benefit of continuing often becomes questioned. In addition, the owner of the Good Cents brand (Southern Company) is marketing additional products and services under the brand. Many of these products and services they offer are or will be competitive to SSVEC. Therefore, it is SSVEC’s objective to develop and administer an energy efficiency home program that will increase the performance and energy efficiency of homes for customers

and at the same time establish a home program exclusive to Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.

These Touchstone Energy HomeSM programs standards have been approved by SSVEC. They exceed the Good Cents standards and allow Touchstone Energy Cooperatives to market an energy efficiency home program under its own identity.

This program is available to all builders willing to comply with the new Touchstone Energy HomeSM program standards set forth by SSVEC.