High-Speed Internet Service

SSVEC offers WI-POWER® Rural Broadband Solutions for your high-speed Internet Service. Call today to set up your wireless Internet. For more information, click on the pamphlet link in the Quick Links section.

Why Choose Wi-Power?

  • Reduced Cost: Our wireless technology can provide substantial cost benefits when compared to traditional home or business options, such as cable, DSL, and other high-speed Internet options.
  • Faster Speed: Upload and download speeds are as fast or faster than virtually every other broadband service available today. No more long waiting!
  • Increased Security: Enhanced security, comparable to any corporate or government network. No need to worry about sharing sensitive or proprietary information.
  • Higher Quality Service: Proven technology. Your service is always on and always available.
  • Superior Customer Service: As our customer, you are our most important asset. We offer timely troubleshooting and support services for your home and office to keep your communications up to speed. Call us on our dedicated service support line for Wi-Power customers.


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