Amazing Arizona Program: Apaches and Their Horses

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1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join us for “Apaches and their Horses” with Dr. Deni Seymour, internationally recognized authority on protohistoric, Native American, and Spanish colonial archaeology and ethno-history. Horses shaped warfare and intercultural relations, were intertwined with family and inter-band relations, and were integrated into Apachean lives through use of horse power and in ceremonies. The horse is maintained in contemporary culture and archaeological traces document the historical role of horses in rock art, bones, landscape use, and artifacts.

When: 1 PM

Where Ethel H. Berger Center, 2950 E Tacoma St., Sierra VIsta, AZ. 85635

Admission: Free

Info: (520) 417-6960, or

Ethel H. Berger Center
2950 E Tacoma St
Sierra Vista, United States
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