Subdivision and Commercial Developers Responsibilities

Responsibility of Developer:

  1. Developer must fill out a development service request application and submit to Engineering with design fee.
  2. Developer must have plat recorded with either of the following, County or City Municipal of the area of which it is located.
  3. SSVEC requires a recorded copy of the final plat from developer.
  4. Engineering firm must follow the attached procedure for electronic plat submittals.
  5. Developer must have engineering firm submit the electronic base plan CAD file by mail, or CD to SSVEC engineering.
  6. Easement on Plats for residential and commercial subdivisions must be 10′ PUE minimum. Any variance from these requirements must have prior approval from SSVEC engineering. All easements are front lot only.
  7. Developer is required to submit a grade certification prior to SSVEC staking equipment locations.

Responsibility of SSVEC:

  1. When SSVEC receives service request from developer SSVEC will open a work order to start the process.
  2. When SSVEC receives the approved tentative plat from developer, SSVEC will start planning the design to resolve any conflicts with the engineer or developer.
  3. When SSVEC receives the electronic file and final recorded plat from engineering firm, SSVEC will create preliminary design and enter material needed into the staking system.
  4. SSVEC will send preliminary design and contracts to developer.
  5. When SSVEC receives contracts, payment’s and grade certification from developer, SSVEC will schedule for field staking (and stake plat).
  6. After staking is complete engineering will release the job to construction.
  7. Construction will then schedule a pre-construction meeting with all parties involved to schedule construction.