Service Rates


The residential rate (schedule R) has a monthly service availability charge of $15.00 and $0.118046 per kWh of usage. There are no demand charges.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and industrial members can choose from multiple rates these being the most common (see Rate Schedule below for detailed information).


SSVEC has five different irrigation rate schedules (CD-Large, I-S,I-L, CD, & CW). These rates are designed to match the pumping needs of your ranch or farm. Contact SSVEC to let us recommend the rate for your irrigation needs.

Photovoltaic System Interconnection Requirements

Rate Schedules

Our full rate schedule is found in the “Quick Documents” on this page. If you have any questions feel free to contact our Key Account Manger. All rates are subject to fuel adjustments, local taxes and regulatory surcharges as required by the Arizona Corporation Commission.