Whole House Protection

House SurgeSSVEC has a Power Protection Package starting as low as $8.95* per month

More than 50% of today’s residential products contain electronic components and the list is growing. Most people only think of computers, TVs and VCRs when you mention electronic appliances, but many of the newer products, such as stoves, refrigerators and heating and cooling systems contain sophisticated electronic circuits.

*Initial start-up fee is $79.95

Are surges really a problem?

Every small surge deteriorates the electronic components in this equipment, which can drastically shorten their designed life. The average home has 2,200 or more surges annually. These surges can be generated from a number of sources, such as heaters, dryers, garage door openers and motors starting on air conditioners, freezers, and well-pumps. Most of these surges are so small the average consumer does not see the damage they cause. However, your electronics take a constant “pounding.” When a thunderstorm strikes, the electronic components may fail and you may think lightning caused the damage. In reality the product was already on the brink of failing because of the many constant low-level surges from your own equipment.

Whole-house protection with proper grounding and end-use protection for each piece of equipment will give you the best possible protection available.

Lightning Paths

Be aware that a high voltage surge can enter equipment through paths other than the power cord. These paths include the TV antenna, cable TV, telephone lines or other attachments. Surge protectors for the antenna, cable, and phones lines must be plugged into a grounded three-prong outlet to protect your equipment.

SSVEC’s Power Protection Program

SSVEC’s Power Protection Program consists of a Whole House Surge Protection Device that attaches to your meter. This provides coverage for the common appliances within your home. To protect sensitive electronic equipment we include a “basic” starter package with the program. We include a 8 outlet computer grade plug-strip w/ phone plug, 2 coax to protect TV antenna , cable TV, and satellite dish system. A single module to protect a microwave or garage door opener, a module to protect a phone line or fax machine, and a 3 plug module. By using both the whole house and the plug in modules you have a repair or replacement warranty.

The program is a 36 month minimum lease that has an initial start-up fee of $79.95 with a monthly fee of $8.95. The monthly fee will continue as long as you want the warranty protection. The plug in modules have a life-time replacement and repair warranty and SSVEC will maintain the whole house module as long as you remain with the program. In all plans the inside modules are yours and SSVEC will own and maintain the Whole House device.

Additional Modules are available for purchase from SSVEC. Check out our Surge Protection Products.

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