Surge Claim Update

The Whole House Surge Protection Program is undergoing changes to decrease the procedure time for submitting claims. In the past the members would call SSVEC to process a claim for damages that resulted from a surge spike. In turn SSVEC would gather information from the member and call the manufacture for claim instructions and forms. The manufacture only allows 30-60 days to process claims from the date of failure. The manufacture will now collect the information to determine the surge devices and documentation required to process the claim.

Surge Program Changes:

Surge Program still provides:

The manufacture’s warranty explains that other devices such as a well pumps, telephone, cable, satellite, or television are not protected by the meter-base. You must use a separate plug-in or surge protection device for those item(s).  The plug-in surge device (Starter Kit) was delivered at the initial installation of the meter-base. The manufacturer’s name can be found on the meter-base and surge plug-in devices.

Our hope is to have all claims and reimbursements handled as quickly as possible. SSVEC will still be your point of contact for all surge questions. The manufacturer’s contact information is listed below: