Whole House Protection – FAQs


More than one-half of today’s products/appliances for homes contain electronic components and the list is growing! While most people identify computers, TVs and VCRs as electronic appliances, they may not be aware that newer products, such as ranges, refrigerators, and heating/cooling systems contain sophisticated electronic circuits.

Even a small power surge can deteriorate the electronic components of an appliance. Experts estimate that the average home may have as many as 2,200 surges annually and that can substantially shorten the designed life of those appliances. Surges can come from a number of sources inside your home, such as heaters, dryers, garage door openers and motors starting on air conditioners, freezers, and well-pumps.

Most of these surges are so small the average consumer doesn’t see the damage they cause. However, the electronic equipment takes a constant “pounding.” When a thunderstorm strikes, the electronic components may fail giving the impression that lighting caused the damage. In reality the product may already have been on the brink of failing because of the many constant low-level surges from equipment within the home.

Whole-house protection with proper grounding and end-use protection for each piece of equipment will give you the best possible protection available.

Common questions (and their answers) for the surge suppression lease program