Public Notice



On November 5th the ACC approved a modification of the Net Metering regulations for SSVEC. SSVEC is eliminating the March True UP option as of January 1, 2015. If you are a current Net metered Customer who has a True UP in September and would like to True UP in March you have to notify SSVEC prior to January 1, 2015.

 Which True UP is best?
 Based on the Net Metering Rules you should True UP when you have the least amount of “un-used” solar kWh in the “bank”. This will typically be just after your period of highest consumption which for most people was the summer months and the September True UP makes the best economic sense. If you have high winter consumption you may want to consider using March as your True UP month. If you are a  Customer who is currently using March as the True UP and want to keep it don’t have to do anything.  You are “Grandfathered” to March.

If you are a Customer with a September True UP and wish to change to March you must request this prior to January 1, 2015.  Then you are “Grandfathered” to March. If you are  March True Up Customer you may switch to September at any time but will no longer be “Grandfathered” and can no longer use March as a True UP month.

To change your True UP please call your local SSVEC office. Feel free to contact the SunWatts program manager, David Bane at 515-3472 for further questions.