Renewable Energy

The most common question we receive about solar is, “Will I save money if I install it?” The best answer we can give is “maybe". Because we are a cooperative, the rates at Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC) are different from an investor-owned company like Arizona Public Service (APS) or Tucson Electric Power (TEP). The value of a rooftop solar system really depends on the price combined with the value you place on “green energy”. To help answer this question, please click on the Does Investing in Solar Make Sense handout on the left side of this page.

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Want more information on Energy Technologies Resources, such as Solar FAQ, 10 steps to Take Before Installing Solar, and Contractor Questions?

SSVEC offers free proposal evaluations to members. We will use current electric and solar rates along with your historical usage to allow you to see if solar is a good option for your household.

Interconnection to the SSVEC distribution system is subject to the following disclosures in addition to the physical interconnection requirements.

  • SSVEC’s electricity rates, basic charges, and service fees are subject to change. Future adjustments to these items may positively or negatively impact any potential savings or the value of your photovoltaic system.
  • Your photovoltaic system is subject to the current rates, rules, and regulations established by the Arizona Corporation Commission (“Commission”). The Commission may alter its rules and regulation and/or change rates in the future, and if this occurs, your system is subject to those changes.
  • Any future electricity rate projections presented to you by sales agents are not approved by SSVEC or the Commission. They are based on projections formulated by external third parties not affiliated with SSVEC or the Commission.

The SSVEC REST Plan Solar Water Heating Incentives

Incentives are as follows:

  • Solar Water Heating is 50 cents per the annual kWh saved (OG-300 certified)

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Steps of Installation

  1. Obtain multiple (at least three) bids for the installation of the rooftop solar or solar water heating system. SSVEC will be happy to review these bids, provide a monthly SSVEC bill estimate, and answer any questions.
  2. Pre-installation, our SSVEC member will need to fill out the required SunWatts Interconnection Reservation Form.
  3. Choose a licensed contractor.
  4. Your contractor installs the system, which may require assistance from SSVEC’s Engineering and Operations departments. If you ever have any questions about where you are in the process, please just email them to and we will be happy to help.
  5. Post-installation, once the City or County has passed the solar installation, the installing contractor will submit the required documents from the 2023 SunWatts Online Forms Checklist to us by completing both of the following online forms:
  6. SSVEC inspects the system, installs your new meter, and forwards a Permission to Operate (PTO) letter to your contractor.

SSVEC is a member-owned energy cooperative and is not “anti-solar,” we are “pro-member.” Let us help you make a good decision based on facts.

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